When we learned we had a little one on the way, it was the happiest news. Like most moms-to-be, I began to look for nursery items to prepare for the big day. There were many “cute” blankets and nursery designs on the market but so many of the designs looked the same. I began to think of designs I would like but, unfortunately, I couldn’t find the kind of modern, whimsical textiles that inspired me. So, I put some of my own ideas down on paper and after much thought I came up with a concept: luxury products with fresh, unique designs that incorporate vibrant and stylish patterns. All of my designs are original with an updated take on classical themes, and we have aspired to create a collection of organic products that will wrap your baby in one-of-a-kind luxury.

My daughter is the inspiration of my life as well as the inspiration behind DEANIE ® and the DEANIE ORGANIC BABY ® Collections. I hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Warm Regards,
Regina – Mom and Owner of DEANIE LLC


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