How to Swaddle a Baby with GOTS Certified Fabric in Hot Weather

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How to Swaddle a Baby with GOTS Certified Fabric in Hot Weather

Swaddling refers to a practice of wrapping infants using a wrap or a blanket that restricts the movement of the baby’s limbs tightly.  This practice has been going on for centuries and is still very popular today. Swaddling allows the baby to sleep better, ensures that he/she does not scratch his face, and gives him/her an opportunity to learn self-soothing.

Today’s mothers are realizing that it is important to be wary of the textiles on which their babies sleep thus are choosing to swaddle them with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabric. It is especially important to use GOTS fabric to swaddle your baby during hot weather.

At, you will find wraps and blankets that are GOTS certified, an assurance that the fabric has been made using sustainable and child-safe practices from processing to manufacturing, processing, labeling, trading, and even distribution.

Unlike adults, babies are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and have a poor ability to control their body temperature, thus requires the babies to be tightly swaddled for better resting. Since babies  can’t tell us when their bodies begin to overheat, using the right fabric to swaddle them becomes all the more important.

GOTS certified fabrics have the following characteristics:

  • They will have met key environmental criteria before receiving the certification
  • All stages of their processing will have been clearly identified
  • Chemicals used to make them nice to meet biodegradability and toxicity requirements
  • Processing enzymes used must not contain GMOs or heavy metals
  • All brie cheese used must be oxygen-based instead of chlorine-based
  • The manufacturing facilities must have put in place a policy that minimizes waste

What can parents do to ensure that the babies do not overheat when swaddled during hot weather? The following are factors to consider when deciding whether to swaddle your baby during hot weather and the safe and comfortable way of doing it:

  • The temperature of your baby’s surroundings
  • The range of temperature of your baby
  • The number of layers of clothing your baby is wearing
  • The type of fabric of the baby’s clothing has stocked a selection of baby blankets and wraps designed specifically for swaddling babies during hot weather. Visit the online store now and buy the perfect GOTS certified swaddling fabric for newborns.