Organic Versus Non-Organic Baby Swaddles and Blankets

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Organic Versus Non-Organic Baby Swaddles and Blankets

The epidermis is the largest organ in our bodies and does a pretty good job protecting us against chemicals and such other harsh elements that we encounter daily. For newborns, the reality is quite different; their epidermis is susceptible to harm because it is paper-thin. It takes a year for their skin to thicken and increase its pigment to handle the harsh everyday elements.

In that first year, the baby’s skin easily absorbs harmful synthetic chemicals and additives that are sprayed on fabrics during production. Most baby clothes are made of cotton however  cotton uses more chemical pesticides than any other crop across the globe. Consider this: cotton farming makes up 3% of the world’s farmed land yet it accounts for up to 25% of all the insecticides used and up to 10% of the pesticides, making cotton the world’s most chemically treated (PDF) crop.

There are over a dozen pesticides that are sprayed on cotton, and a good number of them have been identified as possible carcinogens by the EPA.

It is these kinds of statistics that are informing the decision by an increasing number of millennial parents to use organic baby clothes over non-organic ones. At, we have stocked organic baby clothes that have been manufactured in facilities that do not use chemicals that would harm a newborn’s delicate skin.

Recent research has shown a clear link between ethers that are commonly used in the mass production of baby clothes, and the early onset of puberty as well as hormonal disorders.

Such reports are informing a growing desire to go organic when it comes to baby clothes. The fashion industry is catching on as trendsetting designers hop on the healthy clothing bandwagon.

Watch out for any baby clothing that is not GOTS certified. They’ll almost certainly be laden with unimaginably harmful chemicals. GOTS certified cotton is the best option for baby clothes because it hasn’t been farmed using toxic chemicals.

It might cost you a little more to buy organic clothes for your baby but doing so can protect him/her from a myriad of health issues that could potentially haunt him for life. That said, has great deals on organic baby clothes that are reasonably priced.