What Are the Developmental Benefits of Baby Blankets?

Baby Under Swaddle

What Are the Developmental Benefits of Baby Blankets?

Baby Under SwaddleIn the past, baby blankets were solely regarded as clothing items to keep the baby warm. Today, that perception is changing. More people are awakening to the numerous developmental benefits that baby blankets hold. The following are some of these benefits.

Familiar comfort

When you swaddle your newborn baby, you are recreating the womb environment for them. The familiarity and comfort can help prevent stress for your little one as they slowly get used to the outside world. Swaddling also gradually teaches your baby about self-comfort.  Your baby learns to associate swaddling with comfort and will reduce the need to carry them in your arms at all times. Using a baby blanket, therefore, ensures healthy detachment in the long run.

Sensory stimulation

Depending on the type of baby blankets in use, swaddling can provide tactile, visual and auditory stimulation for your baby.  Ever wondered why babies end up choosing a specific blanket as a favorite? Beautifully designed blankets are usually their first introduction to color lessons. The visual stimulation so early in life can have positive effects on the baby’s understanding of its immediate environment. The feel of the different blanket materials will also trigger new sensations in your baby with every touch.

As babies grow older, cute and funny patterns can further pique their interest. It is no surprise that many new moms often choose brightly colored and nicely patterned baby blankets.

Better sleep

New moms sometimes have to cope with babies that will not sleep or stay asleep at the appropriate times. Swaddling your baby when they are in bed makes it easier for him or her to sleep peacefully. The likelihood of the baby getting startled on their own significantly reduces. Getting adequate sleep is vital for your baby’s brain development. Does your baby need a pacifier to sleep? Swaddling the baby with their hand close to their face is a safe substitute. As a bonus, you won’t need to get up regularly to fix the pacifier!

These are just some of the developmental benefits of a baby blanket. Visit DeanieBaby.com to get your cute, organic baby swaddle for your precious little one TODAY.


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